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Brewis Farms

Below is a list of farms with associations with the Brewis Family and their relatives.

Belaris Farm
Bells Hill
Berrington Farm House
Blagdon Hall
Bog House Farm
Brinkheugh Farm, Brinkburn South Side
Broomhouse Farm, Ancroft
Buckshaw Farm
Catraw Farm House
Chathill House
Chesters Farm
Collierley Farm
Colliery Farm House
Craster West Farm
Eaglestone Farm
East Farm, Hartburn Grange
East House Farm
East Lilburn
East Trewick Farm Cottages
Eglingham Farm
Eshott East House
Ferny Charters
Foncinant Land
Foulmart Law
Greens Houses
Grove Farm
Gubeon Farm Cottages
Hall Farm
Hartburn Grange
Heaton Farm
Heworth Grange Farm
High Farm
High Heaton Farm
High Moor, Catheugh
High Park
High West Farm
Hirst Farm
Hogg's Farm, Causey Park
Home Farm, Westlade Greens
Laker Hall Farm
Lawson's Farm
Linden East Farm, Bigge's Quarter
Low Angerton
Low Tunstall Farm
Maiden's Hall
Middle Duddo Farm
Middle Farm
Milkhope Home Farm
Mindrum Mill
Needless Hall Moor
Needs Farm
New Moor Farm
Newlands Grange Farm
North Middleton
North White House
Old Moor Farm
Old Waldridge
Peigh Hills
Plessey North Moor Farm
Rock South Farm
Scrogg House Farm
Sheraton Hill Farm, Sheraton, Hartlepool
Shotley Field Mill, Shotley Low Quarter
South Shotton Farm Cottage,
South Side Farm House
Spring Hill Farm
Stella Farm
Throphill Farm House
Town Farm House
Ulgham Fence
Waldridge Hall
Walwick Grange
Waterworks Farm
West Farm, Hartburn Grange
West House
West Moor Farm
West Moor House Farm
White House
Windy Walls Farm
Woodhouse Close Farm
Woodhouse Farm, Shilbottle